Good lighting can make a huge difference to the way you live and work within your home. Highlighting the right areas to allow you to work efficiently, whether working in your home office or simply in the kitchen cooking. It can also create the right atmosphere to help you unwind after a busy day, creating an ambience that makes your house a home.

We can advise you on the right equipment for your home to provide the perfect lighting and right effects for each room. Making sure to take into account energy efficiency ensuring you can light your home without worrying about the bill.

At Eaze Ltd we combine decades of lighting design expertise with unbeatable technical know-how. Recommending affordable lighting for the rooms in your home, balancing the budget and creating an aesthetically pleasing effect.

In all of our projects, we ensure that the fixtures and fittings we use are suitable for your home, always taking into account the existing décor and style for each room. Not only installing the hardware but also making expert recommendations.

By identifying frequently used areas in your home and highlighting the busy areas and the location of the lights, based on energy efficiency, allows us to focus on making sure your lighting works in each room of your home without creating glare while decreasing energy bills. 

We recommend using a range of energy efficient hardware, including LED bulbs which are extremely cost efficient to run. LED bulbs are available in various shades of warm and cool lighting as well as doing a great job to mimic traditional bulbs.

We can offer our expert help to get the lighting perfect to make the most of your home.